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Selected pieces by Evan Hughes

The New Republic, The Man Who Wrote Too Much,” a profile of world literary sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard, reported in Norway and Sweden, April 2014 [Featured on A&L Daily, Longform.org, Byliner]

New York Magazine
, “Just Kids,” on the early days of Jeffrey Eugenides, David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, and Mary Karr, October 2011 [Longreads editors’ pick, featured on Longform.org and Byliner]

, “Book Publishers Scramble to Rewrite Their Future,” April 2013

Tin House
, “Consider the Gentrifier,” Fall 2012 [Reprinted in Utne Reader]

, “Life After Moneyball,” on the 2012 Oakland A’s, June 2012

The New Republic
, “Jaron Lanier and the Case for Moonshot Thinking,” May 2013 [Featured on the Daily Dish]

The New Republic
, “The Meet Market,” on sex among young adults, March 2011 [Featured on Arts & Letters Daily and the Daily Dish]

London Review of Books, “White Boy Walking,” May 2007

The New York Review of Books
, “An Ordinary Girl,” March 2006

, “The Only Literary Biography You Need to Read This Fall,” September 2012

The Awl, “The Shocking True Tale of the Mad Genius Who Invented Sea-Monkeys,” June 2011 [Longreads editors’ pick, Byliner editors’ pick, featured on the Daily Dish]

The New York Sun, “The War Within,” August 2007

n+1, “Or Are You Happy to See Me,” April 2005

New York Magazine, “Norman Mailer Runs for Mayor, Stabs Wife,” April 2012

The Awl, “The Most Flagrantly Tactless First-Rate Brooklyn Novelist,” April 2011

The Awl, “The Strange, Great History of Norman Mailer’s $2.5 Million Penthouse,” May 2011

The New York Times Magazine, “The Drivable One-Man Blimp,” December 2006

The New York Times Book Review, “Boats Against the Current,” May 2006
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